Online conference about MyHealthStudy project results

Conference took place on April 14th 2023


My Health Study

For data collection and feedback of personalized health information

About the project


The global health sector is rapidly developing in personalised medicine. Personalised medicine is set to transform the ICT-health service and vice versa – ICT solutions allow varied information sources to be monitored or combined in ways that provide quicker, safer, and more personalised approach.

Technological advances present new opportunities in diagnostics and treatment, and personalised medicine is thus a field where clinical practice and research are closely linked. As citizens are becoming more active in monitoring their health, there is an urgent need for reliable and user-friendly tools for the collection of health-related data from study participants for research purposes.

In terms of developing custom solutions, the main challenge is reaching and engaging end users. Another important challenge in interdisciplinary and international research efforts is to ensure that innovative solutions for harmonization of data and cross-sectoral coherence in collected data will allow meta-analysis of different datasets with as much overlap as possible.

Quretec has already developed web-based forms and databases technology Qure Data Management Platform (Qure Platform). The core idea of Qure Platform can be used in this current project to further develop it with close collaboration with end-users with the aim to overcome the barriers outlined above.

The objective is to develop a mobile friendly app My Health Study for data collection and feedback of personalised health information under high security requirements based on biobank or study participants. For the pseudonymization of the participants, separate authentication server will be developed. The personal identification information will be separated from the health information with different physical locations and cryptographic methods.

The application will be built on the core functionalities of Quretec’s current platform (Qure Platform). The web-based questionnaires user interface Qure Forms user interface will be optimized for mobile usage. The user experience will be will be improved for large scale studies that should work on mobile as well as on desktop web-based platforms.

My Health Study app will be developed with the aim to be capable of designing and adding custom questionnaires relevant to specific research projects. In order to optimise the process of adding new questionnaires/studies in the future and creating user-friendly design, two cases studies will be piloted in this project:

  • medications intake and experienced side-effects
  • Mental disorders

Project partners

Outcome and target groups

As a result of the project a configurable flexible web-based application for health data collection and feedback will be developed. It is suitable for conducting studies, developing specific applications and providing remote services.

The target groups are:

  • Biobanks
  • Healthcare
  • Research
  • Drug development
  • Laboratories

Project duration

The implementation period is 01.09.2020 – 31.10.2022


Project is supported by Norway Grants Green ICT programme

Support amount 529 449,20 €

Norway Grants Green ICT